Arush Dhiman


+61 422 973 402

Melbourne, Australia


I am a student looking to expand my skills in my work life and apply them to tasks in supporting the community, further enhancing my personal growth. I am hardworking and responsible with an ability to execute tasks with commitment and determination. I am motivated, possessing the flexibility to work independently and the dexterity to be a part of a team.





Designer, Social Media Marketing & Client Relations

Aum Yoga & Meditation

For the company I handled the stationary and graphic design [such as social media marketing] at first, then developing their website and booking services for a reliable network they can provide their clients with. After successfully achieving high standards for the organisation, I moved onto maintaining them, which to this day, involves client relations and digital services support.

Chief Design Officer & Media Executive

Ping Pong-A-Thon [HCC]

Being apart of the original core team during it's early stages, I developed all the marketing and led the Design Sector of the project. Following the project's early development, I continued to lead the distribution of information to the respective target audiences, and digital content management for all internal archival documents.

Freelance Design

Arush Graphics

I work independently on the side of my studies for freelancing graphic and stationary design, art, and other marketing services. Starting off with services such as Fiverr, I was able to develop my fundamental understanding of client interaction and sales. Afterwards, I moved to a word-of-mouth freelancer, allowing me to streamline the clients I wish to work with, and ones that are looking for the specialised services I offer.

  • Other Work Experience

    Technology Team (2017 - 2018)

    I undertook the role of controlling the presentation screen for a few hundred people [at WBC], while making sure the band and presenter on stage had the right cues prepared on the screen they were viewing, as well as the audience. It kept me alert and attentive to my surroundings, making me improvise to different situations in the moment, without compromising the flow of the sermon. At the same time, I had to work in tandem with the sound team, the lighting team and the camera team - developing my group skills and official work environment. I also learnt how to use professional grade software and hardware for video/camera work, live streaming, lighting, and audio.

    Daycare Staff (2017)

    Working at WBC, I volunteered as a Toddler Daycare staff member for a few weeks, taking care of children in an indoor and outdoor environment. The reason I decided to undertake this work is to develop my sense of responsibility and increase my situational awareness in relation to handling young children and guiding them through basic tasks. It also helped improve my charisma in dealing with children, which later translated to increasing my charisma in day to day life and dealing with people around me.


Heathdale Christian College


Completed my Victorian Certificate of Education in the academic subjects of Economics, Mathematical Methods, Legal Studies, Systems Engineering, English and VET Sports & Recreation.


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Content Management
  • Client Relations
  • Leadership Skills

Strongest Soft Skill

Speech Articulation

The ability to change the deliverance of my speech, relative to the person(s) I am talking to – allowing me to express and communicate just as strong with younger children, as well as adults and superiors.

Additional Information

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